Who Cares for Scotland's Historic Monuments?

Historic Environment Scotland have recently closed almost all of their sites on H&S grounds blaming climate change for deterioration when in truth there has been a steadily decreasing focus on maintenaince of sites for years, especially regional ones with fewer visitors, alongside an increasing number of office bound jobs in Edinburgh at band C and above. Site staff and maintenance crews have decreased in number, especially in regional areas. The focus has been on the money-spinners of Edinburgh and Stirling. The budget for external contractors to monitor unused scaffolding week-in week-out for years has skyrocketed. Now they are talking of 'managed decline' of sites, allowing them to fall steadily into ruin. Alongside the ridiculously strident use of Harris fencing, thousands of miles of which has been newly bought and erected, this begs the question will the public be forever excluded from most of Scotland's historic monuments? And will the Harris fencing be there forever?

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