More and more canal moorings: guaranteed to increase diesel, woodsmoke and other impacts

The amount of pollution on Scotland's canals is bound to increase because Scottish Canals and other developers are steadily increasing the number of moorings. These developments are accompanied by PR about 'sustainable living' and 'green corridors'. But this is misleading. Canal boats have diesel engines which don't undergo emissions tests (like cars) and many are 'vintage'. They often emit woodsmoke as the occupants try to keep warm. Trees have been chopped down and grass verges stripped in order to create moorings.
There is a strong financial impetus behind these developments and planning authorities and the Scottish Govt. are ignoring environmental and social impacts. Moorings have also caused anti-social behaviour incidents. There is a planning free-for-all. Scottish Canals' recently claimed in The Herald to be 'at the forefront of the green revolution' - that's questionable. Close scrutiny by those who care about communities and environment would be greatly appreciated.

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