Why the call for Long Covid Clinics are being ignored

The majority of patients with Long Covid want a clinic or Hug in their healthboard area. The data suggests this is the most effective way of handling the Long Covid crisis. A group of Healthcare Professionals with Long Covid have published a working protocol for how to establish and run a Long Covid Clinic. All other Party election manifesto's called for the use of Long Covid Clinics. GP's want Long Covid Clinics to reduce the pressure on their surgeries.
Why does scotgov insist on ignoring the evidence in favour of funding third party/sector organisations like CHSS and ALLIANCE to MANAGE the condition of Long Covid, rather than investing in hubs that could TREAT some of the underlying issues of Long Covid. Do these organisations influence policy decisions that ultimately lead to them receiving funding, to the detriment of patient needs?
Seems rhetorical, now I read it back.

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Comments: 1

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