Aerotoxic poisoning knowingly by all international airlines

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For more than 70 years the system of heating cabin air has come through the engines. These engines allow the air to come into the cabin via a bleed air system . The engine lubricants are made up of volatile organic compounds, notable organophosphates, which are banned and are known to cause a myriad of illnesses, including autoimmune diseases , mitochondrial disruption and eventually can lead to death caused by myocarditis in a normally heathy human being. Three BA pilots are known to have died of this , check out Richard Westgate. Everyone is affected , airline crew more than most due to continual exposure . There is a massive cover up by airlines, aircraft manufacturers , governments and regulation bodies . It is also being aided by Unions sadly . Now is the time for this issue to be resolved as most aircraft are grounded and the issue can be dealt with . China will be the market leaders as they are doing this now . Western nations are worried about compensation claims .

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