Nuclear Dump Deep Cronyism Embedded in the Cumbrian/Solway Coal Mine

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Top Tier Cronies: Nuclear Waste and the UK's First Deep Coal Mine in 30 years.

Close relationships between companies and government have recently been aired widely in the public arena and rightly condemned as intolerable. Australian financier Les Greensill ran a company offering supply chain finance for “future and prospective receivables” (such as Bluestone metallurgical coal company in the US) and had insinuated himself into the upper echelons of UK government.
That is a big deal - a big corrupt deal.

But there is a far bigger deal going on between business interests and UK government that remains hidden in plain sight. It’s a far bigger corrupt and uniquely dangerous deal involving a Cumbrian coal mine, high level nuclear waste plans and the highest and most powerful tier of government.

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Comments: 2

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