Fife Council - Shepherd Offshore Education Campus Masterplan: White Elephant to World Class?

Under the Fife Council (FC) planning process, multiple planning applications are being submitted to see site owners including Shepherd Offshore (SO) alter existing plans to provide a £180M education "supersite". FC shall oversee the planning process yet intend to buy back the land to deliver a new Fife College campus, nursery and two new high schools for the growing residential area. In a site adjacent to Amazon Dunfermline (previous topic for Ferret), the proposal is extensive and not focused on education. The site entrance shall include a 16 pump petrol station likely to serve Amazon HGV traffic, 450 homes, care home, drive thru coffee, pub and restaurant. With planning applications open for comment, against FC advice and community calls, SO has already started work including felling marked trees, using contractors not adhering to H&S. The Forestry Commission is considering a prosecution, planning documents have inconsistent boundaries in planning documents - this is just the start

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