Grandtully whisky ripoff

Way back in the early 90s I invested in Grandtully Scottish whisky. This was later revealed to be a massive scam and I overpaid for the whisky. Because I spend most of my time outside UK this story goes very slowly. I assumed the whisky I had bought did not exist, but Speyside Distillers based in Glasgow told me I did indeed own two barrels. For a few years they sent me a bill for insurance and whatever else was required. These invoices stopped after a few years, but as I was very much involved in other areas I did not think about it. When I remembered I contacted them and they said the invoices had been sent to the overseas address I was at when I bought the whisky. I said that for 3 years they had sent them to my address in Scotland, so why had they suddenly started sending them to an old address. At this point they stopped communicating and registered letters went unanswered. I received an email stating that my whisky still existed, but the barrel nos were different.

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