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Global warming is caused by carbon emissions from fossil fuel burning.  Something like 75% of the UK's carbon emissions (about 90% of CO2 emissions) originate in the North Sea oil & gas fields.  The UK strategy is MER - maximising economic recovery of, and presumably burning, the UK's hydrocarbon resources. 

How much of the recoverable hydrocarbons remaining in North Sea oil & gas fields are the UK/Scottish Governments and the UK oil industry planning to produce, and by what date?  How much of this, by extension, will get burnt? 

Why would we expose the environment to all the carbon under the North Sea and then spend huge amounts of money on an as yet undeveloped technology - carbon capture and storage - to then put it back under the North Sea?  

What will the UK Government be saying to other oil and gas producing nations when it hosts COP26?  Should not other nations also maximise the economic recovery of their hydrocarbon resources?  If not why not?
What would be the implications?

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