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Continuum (Scotland) Ltd is a small Bishopbriggs firm (£52k assets in 2019), whose Company Secretary resigned in 2013 after a criminal conviction. At the time, it was exporting tartan items and golf putters. The Secretary's husband is now listed as having "significant control" over the firm (Daily Record). According to a company spokesman, "In March 2020, Continuum was asked by the Scottish Government to submit a proposal to supply Type II R surgical face masks." Why did the Scottish Government approach this company for PPE needs? What was the process for deciding which companies to approach? Whose decision was it that the Scottish Government should approach this firm? Did they, or someone in their circle familially, socially or at work, have links with anyone at Continuum (Scotland) Ltd? I would like to know why such a small company dealing in a different area of goods was approached for such a huge piece of business. It's the largest private covid-related contract awarded by the NHS.

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