Stirling Council's decision to take back running of the National Wallace Monument.

Stirling council decided at an Extraordinary Meeting after 15 plus years of the NWM being run extremely successfully managed and run by Stirling District Tourism - a charity - not to renew the lease with SDT and instead to take over the running of the Monument themselves. This would appear to be a politically motivated decision and is clearly based on the council's perception if the Monument as a 'cash cow'. They also expect SDT to hand over their assets (all of the information and interactive displays contained within the Monument) at no cost to the council - an act which, as a charity, SDT are legally prevented from doing unless it would be in the best interests of the charity.
Stirling Council's decision making process has been highly questionable, yet not subjected to public scrutiny. They commissioned a report on the Monument by an outside body, the details of which have not been made public and the cost of which couldnot be given at the Extraordinary Meeting - see YouTube.

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