Are the UK government's covid-19 tests a hoax?

People are turning up to satellite testing sites and heading back home because of the massive queues and still receiving test results positive and negative even though they never participated. In my own experience, me and my partner have both had a home test kit because I had symptoms of coronavirus and my test results came back positive, yet my partners have came back negative, but we have not been apart for more than 24 hours in the past year, and nearly 2 weeks have passed and my symptoms are gone and my partner has still not had any. I cannot see how it is possible for her to have not caught the virus from me, unless we were sent false results. We have also witnessed families who have all done home testing kits and got mixed results back, and it is leaving people confused as to whether the tests are working or not. I want to get to the bottom of this and figure out what is actually being done, whether the tests are actually being completed or just being exaggerated.

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