Why over "one million people in Scotland live on filthy streets" -Keep Scotland Beautiful

Resources have been stripped from Scotland's traditional; street cleansing services leaving our streets and open public spaces " filthy" Duty bodies being mainly councils plus Scottish Ministers ignored the legal duty to "Ensure that public areas are kept clean and free of Litter" with complete impunity.
On our motorway and trunk roads Roads Operating companies are paid to keep them clean but do not, and nothing happens they still get paid. It impacts on public health both mental and physical and has numerous other adverse impacts on society.
The first minister stated that we need to tackle public health in a whole system approach but street cleansing is the forgotten service. The evidence is glaring and still nothing gets done while Zero Waste Scotland and Keep Scotland Beautiful also get paid to bleet on about litter blaming everyone except the duty bodies paid by us to clean up and to fix it ~Emperorsnewclothes
Plenty of auditable facts and figures available.

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