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The tousled-haired serial philanderer has sown his wild oats far and wide it would seem.

But how far and how wide?
Who are the mothers?
Where do they live?
Does #BJ deem to support his offspring via the payment of child maintenance?
Does he ever visit them?
Or does he Zoom call the kids en masse?

As the UK government's resident expert on what is best for the safety, welfare and education of everybody else's children, what precisely has Mr. Johnson done to ensure the wellbeing of his own spawn?

As the father of two children (whom I support financially and regular spend time with) myself, I would like to know what sort of Dad #BJ really is.

Or does the rumoured #superinjunction prevent this sort of investigative journalism from being undertaken and published?

Suggested by: MR JULIAN W DYER Upvoted: 22 Dec, '20 Comments: 0

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