The loss of social housing across the Transformational Regeneration Areas in Glasgow

There are eight Transformational Regneration Areas (TRA's) in Glasgow; Sighthill, Pollokshaws, Red Road/Barmulloch, Maryhill, Laurieston, East Goven/Ibrox, North Toryglen, Gallowgate. Across these TRA's massive amounts of social housing has been demolished and replaced with low density mixed tenure properties which typically include ~10% social housing. This signifies a massive reduction in social housing across these sights, e.g. Sighthill saw the demolition of over 3,500 social houses, with 141 being built in the new scheme. While there is plenty of literature on what is being built, it is very difficult to find the number of homes demolished. With developers now setting it's sights on the city center, which has been divided up into 9 District Regeneration Frameworks (DRF's), this is a critical time to find, contextualise, and publicise this revealing data

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Comments: 1

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