Mass surveilllance

On the 18th of June 2014 the Irish High Court found as a fact that 9 internet companies; Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook , You Tube, Skype, AOL and Pal Talk were engaged in "mass and indiscriminate surveillance throughout the EU" including the UK. That mass surveillance was labelled "criminal and Unlawful" on 8th April 2014, by the Investigatory Powers Commissioner. On the 31st May 2019 the United States Government and Facebook jointly lost an appeal against the findings before the Irish Supreme Court. Neither of these events have been reported by the UK media, particularly the BBC. The surveillance affects at least 38 million people in the UK according to the Parlaimentary evidence (not reported either) The 'mass and indiscriminate surveillance is being conducted by the companies on behalf of the US National Security Agency according to the Court. That is not a data protection issue. That's an espionage issue. Time somebody took this up, besides a 76 year old veteran.

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