Issues around Scottish Government over-ruling council decisions on developments

Issues around Scottish Government over-ruling council decisions on developments. Examples: 1) Edinburgh, another boat hotel planning permission denied for the Union Canal by the Edinburgh city Council as it is next to the new Boroughmuir High School who was planning watersports as a part of their curriculum then overruled by Scot gov and permission granted. 2) Edinburgh CC put planning constraints on the size of the car park at the new Forth Rail Bridge visitor and activity centre, Scot Gov overruled on appeal contrary to policy for active travel measure priority. 3) Out of town Aldi to be built in Dundee planning rejected by Dundee CC to help preserve footfall to the high street, overruled on appeal by Scot Gov. I wonder about the level of corporate capture at the Scot Gov level. Local communities organise, sign petitions and work through their local democracy levels winning a campaign only to have their voices defeated over and over by easier, vested lobbying of Scot Gov it seems.

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Comments: 4

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