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The recently created (Nov 2019) Kilmahew Education Trust has been gifted the former St Peter’s Seminary and its surrounding estate by the Archdiocese of Glasgow. There is no publicly available evidence as to the Trust's plans, any requirements placed on the redevelopment by the Archdiocese, and no apparent track record of the Trust's two directors in similar educational or redevelopment projects. Given the Seminary has been an albatross around the Archdiocese's neck that they have been trying to offload for many years, and given that the scale of any redevelopment/reuse will require enormous sums of cash, it seems odd that a brand-new Trust with no track record or apparent financial backing has been gifted an internationally significant, Category A Listed Seminary and its extensive estate for nothing. Esp given the redevelopment is likely to cost anywhere between £8 million and $15 million (see https://www.building.co.uk/buildings/the-resurrection-of-st-peters/5086573.article [2017])

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Comments: 7

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