White Collar Crime Involving Covid Fund

There have been numerous questionable contracts been giving out during Covid-19.
Companies who provide financial services or pest control have been given contracts worth over £100 million of tax payers money to make PPE.
Ayanda Capital Ltd were given a contract for £252 million to make face masks. Ayanda Capital provide financial services and are based off shore as well as London.

Same applies to Crisp Websites Ltd (Pest control), Clandeboye Agencies Ltd (Wholesale Sweets) and Aventis Solutions Ltd (Employment agency). All given substantial contracts to provide PPE even though they are they are in completely different sectors.

It is important that we investigate this and inform the British taxpayer of where their money is going; especially in these difficult times.

Director of the Good Law Project Jo Maugham is hoping to challenge in court. https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/108million/

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Comments: 1

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