Active travel infrastructure since lockdown

Lots of questions can be explored around this below. I think it's timely / topical because:
* Ireland govt coalition agreement has big € for this
* Paris's mayor just got re-elected on the back of city transformation.
* Whereas here in Edinburgh, a nurse died in a collision last week.

How much road space has been altered, reallocated, reassigned since Scotland went into lockdown? How much is at the planning stage?
Compare local authorities. Are urban ones doing more than rural? Can we see evidence of problems or delays caused by lack of capacity in councils, or do they lack relevant expertise to deliver this type of project.
Is there a relationship between funding and infrastructure delivery? Is there a gap from central government funds, or is there a issue of funds allocation locally?
How about funding from Transport Scotland for roads in LA areas? Obviously they spend a lot more than on active travel but are some areas getting a different proportions of funds
and what explains that?

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